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8 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence Today

When you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

Boosting your self-confidence creates positive energy all around you. When you feel great about yourself, you become radiant, determined, inspirational and able to handle any obstacle that dares to stand in your way. You may feel more satisfied with your life and you definitely will respect yourself more.

We all want to stand a little taller, trust in our abilities and take control of our lives. If you could you a little jumpstart to build your self-esteem, use these tips and practice them daily to build a strong and confident foundation for your life.

1. Look like you own it

When you look your best, you’ll feel good and then you will naturally become more confident. This is a hard one for me at times since I live the work from home lifestyle … I often spend less than 10 minutes “getting ready” and then go out in yoga pants and a messy bun. While there’s nothing wrong with that, when you want to really feel your best, match your look to how you want to feel.

Get a little dressed up. Spend a little more time doing your hair. Shave. Put on perfume. Workout regularly. Owning your look also means smiling, making eye contact with people in conversations and focusing on your posture. Speak slowly and clearly and sit up straight.

2. Talk to someone you trust – and make yourself one of those people, too

Having someone on your side who can help you through the hurdles can be so beneficial. Your tribe (hopefully) builds you up and wants you to feel your best, so if you’re having a day where you just don’t feel that great, call a friend who can help you to get your confidence back on track. We can be hard on ourselves, but your friends will have tons of great things to say about you, so do a quick check in with someone who can lift you up when you need a boost.

On the other hand, you also should become your own biggest cheerleader. Congratulate yourself often, be ultra-proud of all that you accomplish and use affirmations – or uplifting statements – that you say out loud to help shift your mindset. What we tell ourselves tends to become our reality, so practicing being kind to ourselves and appreciating our lives helps to build self-esteem. So, when you hear that negative chatter in your head, switch to a positive affirmation until you feel that positive boost.

PS – I know this is never easy, but you may need to really evaluate your inner circle and consider moving on from those individuals who put you down or don’t make you feel your best.

3. Help other people

Nothing feels better than doing something nice for someone else. Helping people may make you feel grateful for what you have and it can boost your confidence to know that you made a difference.

Pay it forward and help people whenever you can. You can volunteer, or even look for simple ways to make a difference such as opening a door for someone or helping someone you see struggling to reach a high shelf at the grocery store. Even small gestures can provide a sense of purpose, happiness and can really make someone’s day.

4. Visualize your goals

Not having goals for your life and future is a very simple way to lose confidence. How are you going to feel great about where your life is headed if you have no clear path or idea what you’re hoping for and working towards?

Visualize how you want to life to be and the steps that you will take to reach the goals you’ve set. Whether that’s with your career, a romantic partner, or your health – creating a plan is the best way to feel confident about your future. See the person you want to become – be very clear and specific – and then take the necessary steps to work on those goals.

Plus, when you create clarity around what you want, you can catch and change patterns that are holding you back from what will make you truly happy. When you make good decisions for your life and release negative habits, you’ll trigger a boost in your confidence.

5. Change your outlook on failure

“Failing” does not mean that you won’t have the life that you want, but it can make your self-esteem suffer. You have to change your outlook on setbacks and realize that they’re not really “failures”, but learning curves … a way for you to evaluate what works for you and what doesn’t. Setbacks are a natural part of life.

Once you realize that the only way you can ever truly “fail” is to give up on yourself, you won’t be afraid to take risks and it will be easier for you to push forward towards your goals no matter what. And you’ll be so much happier.

6. Learn from the past

Life is full of challenges and you need to be ready for them. Make list of things that have happened to you in the past that hurt your confidence and situations that made your confidence soar.

Then, write down how you responded to these situations. There is something to learn from every situation. We need to see what we did well or what we could do better to stay on top of our game moving forward.

Then, make a list of positive ways that you will deal with situations in the future. Make sure you focus on the steps that will bring you into a positive, self-aware and confident state.

7. Gain power from knowledge

When you know what you’re taking about, you speak confidently. So don’t fake it till you make it – take the time to really learn everything that you can about subjects that are important to you.

This is especially important to finding growth in your career. Put your all into what you do – when you’re prepared and knowledgeable, your confidence will soar.

8. Believe in who you are

There are so many twists and turns throughout life and we have different phases that we all go through. When you don’t believe in who you are at your core – deeply and honestly – it makes it harder to move through these changes with ease.

We don’t all feel our absolute best all the time. Most people deal with family issues, weight issues, health issues, career changes … and these lifestyle shifts are normal. Our lives change, our bodies change, our careers change, our friendships change and our families sometimes change.

Knowing yourself and believing in yourself is so important to navigate change while continuing to be the best that you can possibly be for yourself and those around you.

I recommend regular journaling to work through your feelings and using a positive affirmations exercise to help guide your self-confidence to new levels as your life goes through different stages. It’s okay to change. You can come out even better than you thought you were before.

You can (and should!) have amazing self-esteem and all the confidence in the world. If you feel your self-esteem slipping, I hope these steps help you to boost your confidence.

Comment below with how they worked out for you!

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