Find Dreamy Clients for Your Virtual Assistant Business in Under 30 Minutes Per Day

I always knew I wanted to be able to set my own rules for my career and do something that I knew I would feel confident building a remote business around … which brought me to becoming a Virtual Assistant.

But what I didn’t know?

Even in a saturated market, there’s plenty of work for us all. Because at first, I was terrified … why would people choose to work with me?

But booked-out VA’s don’t have more client hours because their work is way better than any other Virtual Assistant could provide.

The difference is they’ve built trust, connection, and authority with business owners …

And your client base grows faster than ever when 1) you solve a problem and 2) trust is involved.

When you take the time to focus on building your expert status in your business, selling goes from:

A 60-minute conversation that ends with “Okay let me think about it and get back to you.”

To a 15-minute conversation that ends with “Great, send over the contract.”

And I’m not just talking about experienced VA’s. This is especially important if you’re new or just looking to start a remote biz, because starting with processes that build trust from Day 1 means leaving your 9-5 sooner and with more confidence.

Today, I want to provide you with the most powerful strategy (and daily checklist!) you can use in your freelance business:

A 30-minute action session where you focus on just six simple tasks that provide value and build trust with people who need your services the most.


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