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Finding Belief Through Uncertainty in Your Business

There are times as an entrepreneur when you question everything
What am I doing? Why? How did I even get here? 

When you have a “regular job”, usually the foundation is laid out for you. You follow the leader, learn the ropes and do your job. When you’re an entrepreneur, you have to learn and create every part of the business. You’re not just one person in one position – you’re it all.

There are highs and there are lows. The lows hurt, you CARE. And when you have a low, uncertainty starts to creep into your mindset. Is this REALLY going to work?

I’ve had moments where I’ve wondered if what I do is worth it. But I would rather have those moments of stress to see my dreams come true. Then, the question becomes: How do you find belief in yourself through the moments of uncertainty?

The crazy thing about uncertainty is that while you may feel on edge, it pushes you towards constant growth. You have to learn more, you have to get better, you have to provide.

It’s so rewarding to exceed those milestones and push the limits more and more. Doing more and being more than you ever thought possible. In fact, your overall happiness, lifestyle and success are dependent on you being able to manage the uncertain moments, figure it out and move forward.

So, how do you do that?

1) Invest in Your Future

To prepare for the unknown, you must begin investing time and potentially even money into yourself. The more experience you gain, the more you’ll grow and become the person who can handle these situations like the boss that you are. Develop new skills, expand upon your current knowledge and strengthen your mindset.

The more you focus on growth, the more prepared you’ll be. This may mean personal development courses, getting a business Coach, or something completely different – but whatever you need to do to become more certain in your future, just do it. Prepare for the unexpected and have a plan to make difficult choices when hardships occur.

2) Learn to Say NO

This is a huge one for me. I’ve always been a “YES” person. Yes, I will join that training. Yes, I will hear no from OTHER people until my head is going to explode. Yes, I will work until 10 pm on Sunday last minute. No worries!

Sometimes you have to Just.Say.No! Not only does this help to avoid uncertainty (WHY AM I DOING THIS?! + Insert thoughts of quitting life here), it helps to keep your sanity in check. 

When you’re overwhelmed, uncertainty can come to the forefront. You may feel like you have no idea HOW you’re going to get everything done in a certain time frame and that can cause feelings of doubt. If something is important to your business or personal growth – make the time. If it’s not, forget it.

3) Embrace the Unknown

The feeling of being so unsure of what’s coming next can be scary. But it’s okay to not know. So embrace the unknown, believe in yourself, clear your mind of clutter and outside influences. Then, hustle to make your goals happen. Even if you aren’t sure what’s going to happen next.

You can do this! You don’t have to have all the answers and actually you can learn much more by putting yourself out there and going for it. Take action, begin to make progress and don’t stop. Once you reach one goal, set a new, higher goal and keep going.

4) Manage Your Stress

Let me tell you what happens when I don’t do this: I am about 1.5 seconds from opening my window and throwing my laptop into the ocean. Then, my husband becomes the voice of reason and tells me that we don’t need to buy a new laptop just because I’m stressed out. Someone has to be sane around here.

When your stress levels are through the roof, EVERYTHING seems like it sucks. It’s difficult to make decisions and you can feel like you’re never going to get out of this rut. When you learn to control these feelings of stress, you can get a handle on your responsibilities and manage them more effectively. Plus, you may save a ton of money on laptops.

To manage stress, try just stepping away and breathing for a couple of minutes when you feel overwhelmed. Mini-breaks are awesome. Clear your mind and allow positive thoughts to come in – thoughts that are helpful.

If that’s not working for you, try actual meditation, Yoga or an exercise break, or writing/journaling. Become aware of what’s happening to cause your stress and watch out for that moving forward.

5) Live for Today

Living in the present allows you to let go of the uncertainty of the future. Sure, there’s always a chance that your goals won’t work out as planned, but the more you focus on TODAY and what you can do TODAY to make your future better, the closer you will get.

I always break down fitness goals into smaller, more manageable goals … and business goals are no different. Don’t wait until tomorrow, don’t put it off and most of all, don’t just not do what you need to do to succeed. Get it done, today, and get excited about seeing your dreams come true.

Sit down every morning and think about the possibilities and opportunities that you have within that day. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday – all that matters is what’s going to happen within your next 24 hours. Feel GREAT about those 24 hours, and know that you will do your best to get closer to your overall goal.

6) Decide to Take Control

There will always be factors that come into your life that you can’t control. But there will always be actions that you can take that will either make the situation better, or worse.

Take control over your decisions, your circumstances and your thoughts. Stay in the moment, stay consistent and stay positive. Be quick to problem solve and find a solution so that you can move on. If there’s nothing you can do, just move forward.

You do have control over what happens to you, to your future, and to your overall happiness. Don’t ever let anyone or anything stand in the way of what you want.

As an entrepreneur, your life will be constantly shifting and changing as you grow and you will just keep getting better and better. Have confidence that you’ll be able to handle everything that is thrown in your path. You’ll not only overcome your obstacles, you’ll come out of the other side better than ever.

Change is inevitable. Uncertainty will always be a factor. How we respond to these situations determines our perspective and in turn, if we reach our goals or not. Don’t allow uncertainty get in between what you want, and your reality. Your reality is exactly what you’re willing to make it.

What are you working to overcome? Comment below and let me know.

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