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The Real Reason Why I Quit MLMs

Want to know the truth about why I don’t do MLMs anymore?

Here it goes …

I started looking into work-from-home jobs in 2011 and started with Beachbody.

Pretty much every time I looked into online work it was all about network marketing.

And if I’m being honest … the dreamers and go-getters within the company ARE inspiring.

So, I decided to try it out. I wanted the freedom and to live the laptop lifestyle.

But soon after starting, I realized that I needed to supplement the income. If I was going to build this thing, I needed money to support it.

So, I landed my first Virtual Assistant job. From 2011 to 2015, I worked hard in BOTH businesses.

I was making about $1,500 per month in my networking marketing biz and around $8K per month in my VA biz at this time.

It really wasn’t even a competition. I knew where my time needed to go. So I stopped working for Beachbody.

Now, I do want to be very clear here.

I still, to this day, have my Beachbody account. I still make $1,200 every month from it. But, I haven’t worked it in YEARS. With all the time and effort I put into it, it’s still paying me residual income. Which is great.

“Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

But here’s where my disconnect was with sticking with it for the long term:

1- As much as I care about health and fitness, it’s something I have personally struggled with a lot in my life. I never felt super comfortable being a “fitness coach”. I wanted to help people and I do like the products. I still use them. But, of you aren’t 100% passionate about the product/ niche, it makes it really hard to sell it.

2- I didn’t like not having control. If I want to up my prices, discount my prices, or whatever … I want to have control over that. I love having my own services, because they are MINE.

I also don’t like to be FORCED into a way of working … and in the MLM world, you can be pushed to “not reinvent the wheel” and follow the process.

When I look back at what I was posting and saying, it was soooo not me! After a short time, I didn’t ever want to send another “HEY GIRL!” message again, if I’m being honest. There’s a reason why most other entrepreneurs don’t operate this way. 

3- As a network marketer, I had to learn a WHOLE new skill set. Fitness, sales, etc … was not my background.

But, as a Virtual Assistant, I was just using my current skills in customer service and admin to help online entrepreneurs. And that felt SO good to me, it built my confidence in the industry very quickly.

So, if you’re looking into work from home …

Is network marketing a bad choice? NO!

But, is it the only choice to work online? NOPE!

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