Success Secrets of a Digital Nomad and Travel Blogger with Isabel Leong – 006

Want to work from home and travel the world as a blogger? The digital nomad lifestyle is something a lot of remote workers would love to experience…  and Isabel Leong made it a reality.

In today’s episode, she shares how she’s been playing the long-term game of growing traffic and earning income from her blog. Plus, she shares key tips to getting started so that you can have a lifestyle of exploring the world and earning an income, too.

About Isabel: 

Isabel Leong is a digital nomad and full-time travel blogger from Singapore. She spent 6 months in Europe visiting 16 countries and 55 cities, and worked and traveled New Zealand for another 6 months. She then moved on to working from Japan for 8 months, and now is back home in Singapore. Since traveling independently from 2015 and after countless reviews of hotels and tours, she has slowly redefined the meaning of travel.

Join us to discuss:

* The first steps you need to take to get people to your website.
* How to grow your audience outside of just your friends and your family.
* How to organically grow your audience without any extra work from you (work smarter, not harder!).
* The tools to use to optimize your blog posts.
* The goals you should have to monetize, and the metrics you should be tracking.
* How to create content even when you’re super busy.
* How to track all of your ideas, content, and platforms.
* What social media platforms work really well for bloggers.

Connect with Isabel:

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