Survive Your First Year in Business to Thrive with Tammy Johnston – 007

Want to survive your first year in business? According to Google, 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open… but I bet that number is even higher for freelancers because so many people start, get stressed out, realize they have no idea what they’re doing, and then give up a few months down the line. Luckily, we have Tammy Johnston to fix that for us.

In today’s episode, she shares how when you build a strong foundation, your chances of succeeding (and sticking with it) increase dramatically. Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be difficult, but there are key action items you need to keep moving forward, and Tammy will share that and much more with you!

About Tammy: 

Tammy is the Hold Your Hand and Kick Your Ass Business Coach. She has been working with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small business owners for over 20 years to teach them the basic, foundational business skills they need to first survive and then thrive. She only deals in real life, battle tested knowledge and tactics that can be put to use right away by anyone. She teaches a one weekend intensive Small Business Class to launch you, and a year long group coaching program to keep building your knowledge base, but more importantly to love and support you and hold you accountable to actually IMPLEMENT all that you are learning.

Join us to discuss:

* Surviving the first year and getting through the rough beginning stages of business
* The 8 foundations every business needs to have to succeed
* How to transition from “JOB” (Just Over Broke) to stable income
* The mindset of moving from an employee to an entrepreneur
* How to figure out the right activities to focus on, especially when you’re ultra busy
* The one business focus that matters (almost) more than anything else
* Managing your time so you can work on those big actions that move the biz forward
* How to build up your confidence as an introvert so you feel comfortable marketing

Connect with Tammy:

Website | Instagram | FREE Solopreneur Self-Assessment

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