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The Two Questions That Changed My Path Forever

I wasn’t always someone who followed my heart, my dreams and took huge leaps of faith just on trusting my intuition.

I became that woman.
I went on a journey that changed my life, my soul.
I grew more than I ever thought possible.

I always felt I was meant for more but I had no idea how I could ever achieve big goals coming from a background as a server where I could barely pay my $500 rent.

I was stuck. But there were two questions that helped to shift my entire path and future.

The first question is: What can I do today that scares me?
The second question is: Where did my energy go today?

I tuned into my intuition and what, DEEP DOWN, I knew that I needed.
Going out of my comfort zone was NOT easy. But it was necessary for growth.

It felt wild. It felt FREE. And it eventually allowed me FREEDOM.

I recently realized that these simple questions changed so much for me in my life.

They allowed me to push forward and stop holding back.
They allowed me to try things that I normally wouldn’t have.
They allowed me to focus on what was most important and let go of the tasks that were just taking up unnecessary time.

And I would not have grown as much as I have throughout my journey without that push.

It didn’t matter if I wasn’t the best, or if every day wasn’t perfect – it’s just the fact that I was trying new things and focusing on positive forward movement that allowed me to grow and make the best possible decisions for myself along the way.

It gave me the confidence that I needed and so much amazing knowledge. I also came to realize that you become better at taking care of yourself as you grow as a person.

Pushing yourself towards personal growth really isn’t just about entrepreneurship and boss babe lifestyles.

It’s about becoming the version of yourself that you want to be in any part of your life. It’s about using the knowledge and experience you’re gaining as a positive driving force towards personal growth and personal understanding.

So …
What scares you?
What areas do you need to grow in?
Where is your energy going every day? Where should it be going?
And how can you learn from pushing past barriers and breaking free of the worries that are holding you back?

Try it out and let me know how it goes in a comment below!

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