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What Exactly Does a Virtual Assistant DO?

You may be wondering what a Virtual Assistant (VA) does exactly. I mean, are you basically just an admin assistant? Like in an office? Or what? What skills does a Virtual Assistant need to be successful?

VA’s work with online entrepreneurs (usually, although you can absolutely offer your services to brick-and-mortar businesses, too!) … and our most important job is to take tasks off our client’s plate so that they can focus on the BIG picture of the business.

Most entrepreneurs know that they have a specialty … which is probably coaching, working with clients, and serving their audience.

YOUR specialty is ALL the other parts of the business.

And no, I don’t mean you have to do it all, even though VA’s ARE kind of like superheroes of the business world. 😉

Most teams have multiple VA’s, so that each person can focus on their specialty. So while your client does their thing … being all magical and amazing and changing people’s lives, however they do it …

You handle your specialty in their business and make their lives wayyyy easier.

What YOU do honestly depends on what you WANT to do. The main three types of VAs include:

  1. General Virtual Assistant: Handles all things admin/ basic admin tasks.
  2. Specialized Virtual Assistant: Handles all things admin AND some specialty tasks.
  3. One-Specialty VA: ONLY handles their main specialty, but can likely step in and handle other admin stuff if needed. (This isn’t really a “VA”, you would probably just call yourself a Copywriter if you specialize in writing … but it’s the same type of freelancer business set up, so you can grow into this if you find one niche you just really love.)

Services offered can be totally different from one VA to another. You can pick and choose what you love and then tailor your client base to fit your skill set.

To give you an idea of what type of services you could offer, you could offer anything from:

Business services like email management, scheduling, online research, financial tracking and invoicing, customer service, travel research and booking, phone calls, organization, copywriting, launch management, project and team management, technical support …

To personal services like purchasing, setting doctor’s appointments, making reservations, appointment setting, planning family activities … 

To more technical and creative tasks like CRM management, newsletter set up, creating funnels and automation, video editing, podcast production, graphic design, web design …

To social media management, like posting and scheduling social media content, writing copy, hashtag research, creating graphics, answering comments, managing Facebook groups …

And so much more.

And the best part is that even though you work IN your client’s business (like a regular admin assistant) … you are not an employee. You are a CEO, you just offer services that help other business owners thrive. You can work 100% online, setting your own schedule and rates.

This gives you total freedom over your life and career. While building my VA business, I was able to move around the country and live life on my terms. It was such a perfect fit for the adventurous lifestyle I wanted to live!

Whether you want to be able to work wherever your laptop is, anywhere in the world … or just want more time with your family and flexibility in your schedule … being a VA allows you to live life to the fullest.

So, the truth is that a VA is not a regular job with a regular job description. You can make it whatever you want it to be.

PS – Have questions? Email me or click here to schedule a complimentary 1:1 session with me to discuss your goals!

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